Jeremy Abroad

You are a product of your habits

September 27, 2018

You are a product of your habits.

Our brains are naturally lazy and seek what’s easy, the past of least resistance - the comfort zone.

It’s harder to change a habit than it is to change your routine.

Therefore if you have the right habits in place, then achieving your goals will be as inevitable as the fact that a pilot on autopilot will inevitably reach his/her destination (barring any unforeseeable emergencies).

Use your brain’s laziness to its advantage and develop the right habits most conducive to your success.

Daily Routine

A big part of this is developing a productive daily routine. With the right routine, your life is essentially automated towards whatever your routine optimizes for.

Figure out the routine that’s optimal for you in bringing you to your goals, and implement it. Eventually it’ll become a habit.

At this point it will be harder for you to not reach your goals than it will be for you to reach them.

Jeremy Bernier

Written by Jeremy Bernier who left the NYC rat race to travel the world, work remotely, and find the meaning of life.